Alice Wells informative Paper after completing the tour

Alice Wells informative Paper after completing the tour.

Deputy Foreign Minister of the United States Alice Wells arrives after completing a visit to Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka..
You will be amazed to hear what they have reported and what they are breefing.
“He says the Kashmir problem between Pakistan and India has become so bad that a dangerous situation can happen at any time within the area.
Territory may occur in the region may start at any time within the area. There may be a major accident which may wrap the entire region.If you don’t stop the matter, things will get worse.What is the real situation behind all of these situations we see in this blog today..

India has taken missiles from Israel to plot against Pakistan.

India has taken missiles antiguidant from Israel.
And mounted missiles all over the place against the Pakistanis. They also have a contract with the Israelis. There is an Indian department called hal(Hindustan Aeronautic limited).
India’s Establishment of the Pentagon trump is completely against. Now trump wants some arbitration.
But the Pentagon does not want
The Pentagon with India at this time because Israel is on the back of the Pentagon.
Israel has told India that they have asked for some things as an emergency while fighting with Pakistan, without worry.
If you fight with Pakistan completely we will give you weapons America will support you israil will support you.
India has started strengthening its defense for the first time, Pakistan’s defense was strong from the beginning.

India’s position to occupy Kashmir…

In all these situations, Israel is behind them, Pakistan’s stand behind them is that their intelligence agencies also say that India has not resolved the issue of Kashmir, so we have told our leadership.Whether you go to Kashmir or go to India wherever you want to go, Pakistan Already has done its job in India on February 22.Pakistan says India should withdraw its law.
India has said that whatever it pleases, we are ready to control Azad Kashmir.

According to Alice wells report..

Inside this report, Alice wells says that India has a stand in all the situations.
India says….
That the Kashmir we have is ours.We have to get the rest of it..We have come to pick up the part of Kashmir.Pakistan should be prepared for this.We have to prepare for it and we will not back down.
This means that when India comes to invade Pakistan.So later on, the United States will not be able to do anything. Neither the Arab countries, nor Russia nor China nor

America wants war among india and Pakistan…..

the United States wants the war to begin.
So that the China Sea Pack project is stopped but they do not know when the war between India and Pakistan will be wrapped up in the whole world. It has been revealed that India is not going to back down.Alice wells’ report reveals that India is not far behind and Pakistan is also preparing for the fight.

indian Drones for scaning…

There is a department in India called Hal ( Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)
He has said that he has contracted with an Israeli system.
And India is said to give us advance drones.
The best drones you get from Israel.
These drones that India has asked to see what works.
These drones now see what works
They do scanning over the area of ​​Pakistan.

These planes are flown to occupied Kashmir and scan the area of Pakistan. They are drone that can scan the entire country within 24 hours.
And Pakistan is currently working to kill many of India’s drones. We go there and scan all their cases.
India is very angry that they have told the Israelis to supply us with weapons completely.

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