America kills Iran general Qassem Suleimani in strike ordered by Trump

The US kills Iran general Qassem Suleimani in a strike ordered by Trump

Now the Hassan Rohani announced they are going to USA and Trump for the damage they have done to Iran. The thing is going out of control.

America now share an image of Iran as below “

The death of Qasem Soleimani should be welcomed by all who support peace and oppose terrorism. He was an enemy of peace and one of the world’s most dangerous proponents and practitioners of terror. He has spent his last two decades building a force that threatens America, Israel, and innocent people around the world.

This event, however, continues the impulsive and episodic actions emblematic of President Trump’s foreign and military policy. The Administration must take immediate steps to protect our personnel and facilities in anticipation of an Iranian counterstrike. Moreover, this strike raises serious concerns that the Administration did not seek Congressional authorization of military actions abroad that will put Americans in harm’s way.

The Trump Administration must explain to the Congress and the American people its comprehensive strategy for dealing with the Iranian threat – a strategy that has, thus far, been chaotic and ill-conceived. The President and his national security team need to brief Congress in full with a comprehensive plan of action to meet the threat posed by Iran and the anticipated reaction to Soleimani’s death”.

America calls Qamar Bajwa Pakistani army Chief for help.

The US kills the Iranian army chief. And the war in the region has spread. The effects of this war will be seen by the nation in the play of Nodogiyara. This situation is so out of control is happening. Ayatullah Naeem Khan has openly announced that the time for revenge has arrived. Now Chen will choose to attack the United States. Where are these attacks now going to be, and what are the adverse effects?
Who is this Army Chief and he was in constant contact with ISI . They were in contact because Pakistan is playing a big role between Iran and Saudi Arabia. And the role of Qasim Sulaimani was very important in this. This is the same Army Chief who was on a visit to Iran when Imran Khan and ISI Chief visited Iran. These Iranians have played a major role in Iraq as well, and they have had many attacks before. Every time they would have survived. Last October, it was a situation that Iran announced that it was a conspiracy to kill. With which she escaped. He will now enter Baghdad. They were attacked there, this time Iran will have to admit that their intelligence was completely failed. Because it is buried inside that the intelligence report was received by the United States and the CIA. Along with them in Abu Dhabi, who is also the commander of Iraq, who has also been killed. Obviously, the intelligence report that they received is not a small report. Pakistan was helping him in all matters and he was fully connected with Pakistan. Pakistan was improving its development and making things better with important institutions. That’s what Clinton did on December 17, 1998, and she invaded Iraq and you see today. This is what Trump did on June 3, 1920, when Trump tweeted on October 9, 2012. And said somewhere I’m going to remind you of that. Obama will surely attack Iran for either Libya because he wants to explain in the elections and in all situations. How strong he is now what has worked for Donaltrum, what has worked for him As soon as the news came out, he tweeted that he meant it That our victories are gone in a few days they are going to open chapters we might not have even thought about. Look at how Iran can take revenge, this is how Iran will take revenge, but inside the Arab countries, whatever their ambition is, they will attack those who are involved with them.
And most importantly, the Afghans will make a launch in collaboration with the Taliban, which will include Turkey, which will include Russia as well as Qatar. And the most dangerous thing is that the Iran cadre seems to be with Pakistan if the US is in this situation with Iran If a dispute arises, then Pakistan will suffer the most damage. Previously his Army Chief was associated with India. This Army Chief is in constant contact with Pakistan and wanted to establish Iran. And inside Iran, this man is considered a tortured hero. Recently, the US drone worth Rs 3,000 crore which he killed was very dangerous. This is a non-stop war and this year will be a year of improvement for the country and very heavy for the country. Because this region is going to Tremble now. And so scared that we might not even have tried to feel any of his quince

The new army chief of Iran is Esmail Ghaani . This fight is not stopped here now its Irna turn.

Qassem daughter asked who will give response for my father

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