An American Citizen asked Relevant Question to Donald Trump

A man coming to New York streets and asking questions to Donald Trump and US Authority. Where are all the stuff and all the details which you were talking about, we have to take responsibility for everything in New York but no place nothing here?
A man is making a live video in the United States and he says there is no case of Coronavirus here.

There has been a lot of interesting situations in the past few days. It was caused by a man walking the streets of New York and making a live video there.
Whatever the situation is now, according to the US.

According to American, most of the cases that are currently coming out are US cases. One lack 23 thousand 7 hundred 76 The cases are currently within the United States. The United States has overtaken China as well. There are more deaths in the United States than in all countries. Thousands of people have died there.
Another interesting point…

Now a person goes to Jason, he takes a live camera there and he has a YouTube channel too. And he also uses other social media platforms. The person sends a message around the world saying he is going to a hospital in New York where there are no patients. This person has been to the US to inspect and research patients there.

An American Citizen asked Relevant Question to Donald Trump

The man goes to the streets with a camera and makes a video and arrives at the scene, he says. The American government has said.  Hospitals are built here, there are many patients here. but there are no patients.
But when he takes the camera to live there, there is no patient there. This is a strange situation. There is no hospital.

An interesting thing has happened in the United States of One lack 23 thousand 7 hundred 76 but there are no patients. They also found out after taking this person’s live camera there.
There are hospitals vacant, no patients in the hospital, even no hospitals and no data available for the deceased. And getting non-death data.No one in the hospital is being treated.
The person went to these places and then said that this is the situation in the US right now. This person met with doctors. The doctor who appeared on the way to the doctor asked him where the patient had the virus.
And then he also met ordinary people. He asked where those patients were. Where are the patients? Where is the hospital that the government was telling us I can’t see anything here? And where are the people who died here?
It is also true that the question arises as to where their caste people have died, where is their data, where are they living and who are their families? No media could reach them.

They should have seen a video where they placed the patients. Which doctor is treating them? who is the doctor they have? Which hospitals are in the hospital where they are being treated.
But they have no proof of a case. This proves that all of them are lying. There is no case in the United States ( United States biological weapons )

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