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The point of writing this blog is to highlight problems , report , is to get bugs fixed and solve your problem that come in b4u global

Last time on 12/3/2020 when i login to my b4u Global account i found a button

B4U help Center

I clicked it.

$50 charges for help really ?? ohhhhh

I clicked proceed. Now i have this line showing with no method that how to use it.

So $50 become nothing, without documentation don’t try use new functionality. 🙁


Your b4U account has been set to Defaulter

if your try to login to your b4u global account and find that your account have been set to defaulter so contact your upline leader so he will ask from company IT team because when some one reach to Kohinoor package the get in contact with IT Team directly and help you.


If you find that you have transfer or withdraw to another account or bank but there is no history or pending status or any thing mean that you find your account empty so contact with support team – upline and if did not got any solution so then install “b4U Global updates” and chat with the senior, if still problem then you can buy call package from b4u on $50 and call them but its very costly(not working…).


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