Bhola Records exposed the picture taken in the bedroom of Harim Shah

Once when Hareem shah picture was exposed and was viral on social media, According to Bhola Records, he said that the person sitting in his lap is Bhola Record.

The Bhola record was being run by Sheikh Rashid on behalf of Harim Shah, which led to a record by Sheikh Rasheed and PTI leaders.

By the way, pictures of Harem Shah and Bhola Records have appeared on the media which were present at the shopping malls and other places while he still recorded Bhola.

Disgraceful to each other. This Facebook post of the forgotten record shows that they may have many photos and videos of Harimam Shah that they can share when the time comes, which they have already threatened.

Be aware that Bhula Records had earlier stated in its video statement that I had gone to Dubai to celebrate New Airnite. After my departure, I have returned to Pakistan to respond to the ongoing attacks on ministers of PTI.

Bhola Records says I arrived at Sialkot Airport in an emergency. Commenting on the threat of leaking Imran Khan’s video on a fake Twitter account attributed to Harim Shah, Bhola Records says that I will sacrifice the life of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Hareem shah picture scandal

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