BJP RSS Protest Against Christ Statue of Jesus

New Development is that the Narender Modi plans to sent workers to BJP, Starting protest on RSS against 114-feet christ statue of Jesus in India. Quaid-e-Azam’s spoken words seem to be true after 70 years on record. This was followed by the Muslims of the BJP and the RSS in India. Conspiracy has been made to bring the Muslims back the bill CAA.

BJP and RSS have plans protesting against Christians inside India.

The next target of Narender Modi has begun: BJP and RSS have started protesting against Christians inside India starting from 114-feet christ statue of Jesus. BJP, RSS Protest Against 114-feet Christ Statue to remove the statue of Jesus Christ from that place. They have rallied against them and you will be surprised to hear that why they have organized rallies. They have said that 114 feet tall statue, as it is Jesus Christs, should be removed from here. The BJP and RSS have said that they will protest here and there and we will gradually drop from here and remove this statue because of its Hindu country.

This is the place in India where people of Christianity have been worshiping for 400 years, and they were supposed to build the people of Congress and their member D.K Shiva Kumar said, “I have seen that people from us want to worship here. We worship our religion, not our country. prayed for prayers so We could make a Jesus Statue, so what is the problem with BJP and RSS with this Statue if we are peacefull?
About Fifteen hundred police officers have been summoned and slowly the protests are taking place with his plans at different places inside India to remove the 114-feet statue of Jesus Christ. See how the Basilisk star when you protest somewhere in India you give a message to the whole country

We have captured the people who are punk in the country We have captured a group Now it is the turn of the Christians. Now that is what will be their next big target in India. BJP and RSS next target is on Sikhs, gradually everywhere, whether it be Christians, Muslims or the place of the Sikhs, they have to slowly massage everyone in India. Hindus and RSS say that one of the things they find is that there are cycles in the world. Your Junior Cycle is about to start is the Golden Period which is the upper caste of Hinduism for it as many as these areas, all of which comes to India. Until we make Akhand India, we have no use, let’s go open and see what it does with Israel. Christs statue row BJP, RSS lead statue stir. There are now two Classes settlers within Israel, One is Jewishwho believes in Judaism and the other is a fellow who crosses all borders who played a major role in the crucifixion of Jesus. But it is thanks to Allah that the Qur’an has told us in detail that Jesus did not go to peace. Allah raised him to life in heaven. Now in this whole situation, this class is going from there and their gang was coming to India. Now inside India, if they do not believe in a section below their Brahmin class, then where do they believe in Christian Muslims? Will sing will sing
Hardline Hindus Protest Indian Jesus statue. They took the Muslims away because they had trouble with how the Muslims have ruled us for a thousand years. Then they were in the minority even though they were in the minority. The first target he targeted was Muslims. Those who are the majority in the minority and their target now is the Christian. There is a place and even for a higher class caste.

Narender Modi Sent Workers of BJP to Remove the statue of Jesus that is planed

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