Bureaucracy brings NAB ordinance to save Kunib from torture: PM Imran Khan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that bringing the NAB( National Accountability Bureau ) ordinance to save the bureaucracy from the torture of the NAB. Now the bureaucracy will undoubtedly help us in government. Addressing a ceremony of civil servants, Imran Khan said that when we came in power after winning the 2018 Pakistani general election, the country was in debt swamp.

Since 2008, 24 trillion debt has gone to Pakistan, interest is on it, the first year we have collected half of the tax, we have gone to deduct the interest. They will give the money to the civil servants to run the country (Pakistan), the wealth will come when the industries are running properly, so it is important that the system is right, and decisions are made swiftly.

But decisions were not accelerating the governance system because the bureaucrats were scared so we give an option that you have now free from NAB cases but now you need to give a performance.

I heard complaints from the bureaucrats, that the bureaucrats they were caught in were frightened throughout the bureaucracy. They said that if we did anything, they would be caught.

We have a big program to build 5 million houses in our government before the new election, the bureaucracy will help only when they have no fear from NAB like cases.
Imran Khan said the amending NAB( National Accountability Bureau ) was a difficult task and it was a challenge for us to pass it. Imran Khan said that the business community does not come under the jurisdiction of NAB ( National Accountability Bureau ). The definition of corruption in the world is that no man is running a public office. Similarly, it was intended to protect the bureaucracy from the torture of the nobility over its violation of the rules. The tax cases are FBR’s. NAB( National Accountability Bureau ) has no involvement in it. I have also conveyed to the NAB( National Accountability Bureau ) chairman that there is no NAB( National Accountability Bureau ) involvement in tax cases. The NAB( National Accountability Bureau ) ordinance was bluntly called for in consultation with democracy and political consensus.

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