Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) destroys an open world economy

China is working to make progress for its Economy. but things are not in favor of them. They have worked hard but still, they are not able to produce desirable results at the moment. but in future, their Economy may suffer.

China’s economy is so destroyed that it will take three to four years to recover. The prospects for the economy to improve are not visible far away. All the people inside China are kept locked in their homes, they are not allowed to go out and the virus is spreading and spreading. The virus outbreak is so pervasive that beds have fallen for people in hospitals.

The supply of oil has stopped.

It was February 13, when there were many casualties within China and they were very upset and no one seemed to have any development inside the country. And the demand for oil is as low as it has not been in ten years. Millions of barrels of oil are stopped, this oil is not being supplied in the market because no one is demanding it. Global oil demand to face an ist quarterly drop in more than a decade.IEA
Oil prices are steadily declining as money is being invested within the media, and money is being invested within the stock market. And fears are being eradicated from the hearts of the people. The situation inside China has worsened. The situation is so bad that in China, there are about three hundred deaths a day.
The United States has forbidden its airlines from going inside China until April, not seeing such a distant situation that a drug will be made in China. And there will be no development. The news is coming that the virus is gone. The medicine has become. This is all false news.
Just fear is being wiped out from people’s hearts All these false news are being spread to maintain the stock market. Students in Pakistan who are in China neither provide food nor cure for them.

Imran Khan should take some steps to prevent this move. Coronavirus spread from China to Iran.

Gawadar and Balochistan are the two main important destinations for business and traveling. But Imran Khan should take some positive steps to prevent this otherwise we have to face some difficult situations. Now the government of Pakistan and Imran Khan has banned that no one will go from Pakistan to Iran or from Iran to Pakistan.

Emergency has been imposed in Balochistan so that any outbreak can not spread in Pakistan. The main reason for the imposition of the emergency is because China has already reached an outbreak of China inside Iran.
Emergency has been imposed in China for this time. 6 deaths have been reported in Iran.28 cases have surfaced.
And there are fourteen of the fourteen provinces within Iran. which the school is an education institute cinemas, all of which are universities are closed. And his agency is telling people how you are wearing a mask. Pakistan’s nine hundred kilometers border Iran. About five thousand people from Pakistan go to Iran for pilgrimage. Same as Pakistan back from Iran. The big problem with Pakistan is that we have a Quetta city for screening. There is a danger to people from Pakistan who go to Iran via land that there is no screening facility in Iran.
Pakistan is also at risk of virus and there is considerable danger of viruses entering Pakistan from Iran. Now the government of Pakistan has banned that no one will go from Pakistan to Iran or from there to Pakistan. Not the airport and not by the route.

Many countries have started expelling their people from Iran.

The new direction is emerging for business and import-export.

Importers are finding new manufacturers and they are looking for different companies for exporting goods. This is becoming new trade dynamics in 2020 at the moment. 

Treat people with Pakistanis and Chinese after the Coronavirus.

Shallow shirt and bearded is seen all over the world with suspicious eyes.
The situation is that all Pakistanis and Muslims, all over the world, from the USA, are placed on separate sidelines. A separate line is made for them that you are going through here, this is the case with all Pakistanis. The example of Sharukhan is also in front of all of you. This has happened to Muslims at that time.

Chinese…But with China, it has gotten worse. What is going to happen to Chinese is the worst of history. People who have dealt with them after the Coronavirus.
Currently, there are about four million Chinese within the UK and within the US they are close to 40 million and within Canada, there are 18 million.
The Chinese are spreading all over the world. People are ready to throw eggs when the situation of Coronavirus has occurred in China. And cases are being reported from Manchester. Many cases are coming from the UK, but cases are starting to go to the courts.

Different citizens have banned China. Different countries have restrictions on China.

People do not like to share Chinese with them. People do not like to sit with Chinese. People in the differential country have forbidden your children from attending schools with universities in China. You don’t have to sit with them or go anywhere with them. Nor do they have to take anything from their shops. China is being avoided in every country, from the United States. They say if you sneeze and shake hands with us, then we will get the virus. Whose Chinese people are born in the US or Canada.No one is ready to do business with them. People have started hitting them badly. Restaurants all over the world are empty.

Israel Defence Minister says Time to Build Third Temple Now.

Rabbi Aryeh Lipo and Israel Defense Minister Naftali Bennet are keen to build the third temple. Rabbi Aryeh Lipo of Israel He is also a religious study teacher. and they are sure that time has come to build this Third Temple. so the blessing of God can reach all over the world because the crown is missing at the moment.

From China, the disease that is spreading all over the world, now their health minister has said that we are going through the worst of history. We have come to a place where we cannot control things.

The Rabbi Aryeh Lipo of Israel is also a religious study teacher. He has given a wonderful message.
A message has been given to the whole world.that is currently being circulated in Israeli newspapers. They have said that the disease is spreading all over the world right now. There is only one solution to control the virus. The disease will not go out of the world until the Third Temple is made and it will not go away.No matter how much you try to take the medicine, the Israeli statement is currently running all over the world.
Like the example you take of Pakistan if their Defense Minister has to accept a statement by all, the statement of the Israeli Defense Minister has come, saying that these are the days when the Third Temple is to be made. Which we were waiting for. Israelis say it is very important to be a Third temple, if you do not make this  Third Temple, the disease will not end.
The situation has worsened in every country but the situation that is getting worse now is that the currency notes and electronics are going to be baned. Because money can transmit the disease to one another. Because the notes go from one hand to the other, there is a risk of getting a virus. Now the currency is going to be baned.

Saudia Arabia suspends Umrah Pilgrimage from Pakistan and other countries.

Saudi Arabia is not giving any new Visa for the people of Pakistan and other countries. This is now taking strong steps to have a new direction at the moment. Everyone is doing their best job right now. Officially Coronavirus case has surfaced in Pakistan. but without reading the Hadith you will not understand it. Saudi Arabia has banned Umrah from giving birth to countries including Pakistan in which Coronavirus has cases. Not only Pakistan, but there are Muslims in countries all over the world. They are banned from performing Umrah. And from July to August, millions of pilgrims are going to perform Hajj. If matters do not stop The virus did not stop, the Hajj will be banned.

Now, upon seeing the example of a hadeeth, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that the people of Bait-ul-Muqaddas would be deserted of Madinah, and the battle of Madinah would be the manifestation of strife and sorrow and the appearance of the Antichrist. Many people are being affected by this virus. In Pakistan too, symptoms are starting to appear in different people.

Emirates Airlines sent workers to Take one Month unpaid leave.

Emirates Airlines is having low profits this year and that is why they have asked their workers to get one-month unpaid leave as there are more than 100,000 workers including cabin crew and 4000 pilots.
The Saudi Health Minister has confirmed that the first Coronavirus case has surfaced. and the situation is very strange. One person from Iran has come to Bahrain. and he has gone to Saudi Arabia. Now he has been hospitalized there. and there are many peoples who are undergoing tests. Besides, Saudi Arabia is at a disadvantage, Dubai Middle East Country is in a very bad condition.
The name of the emirates group that comes in the largest group in the world has asked their employees to take one’s month’s leave. And get out of here. Emirates Airlines asks staff to take one-month unpaid leave. Their flights are going to be canceled all over the world. 
If one case comes out in one country, then the other country says that you don’t go here.
Take the example of Italy there have been 92 deaths and the situation in Side Italy is very bad.
Currently, there are about one million employees in the emirates, of which there are 21,000 cabin crew and 4000 pilots.
And the rest of the staff is now what the emirates company is saying is a weird situation. They are saying that we have no salary to pay employees. Emirates groups they are telling their employees to take unpaid leave because flight cancellations are taking place in Dubai, people are not going to Dubai and are not coming to Dubai.95% of those who go to Out of City in Pakistan go for Umrah or Hajj. Now that the Umrah is closed, the travel agent’s job is all over. There are no flights coming from any country in Saudi Arabia. This has hurt Saudi too. It has also caused a lot of damage to the emirates.

Unique development coming from the Neighbour country.

The one thing that Coronavirus has wreaked havoc all over the world, the one thing that is amazing after all is that those coming from Iran.

Parliament in Iran.

Iran has a parliament of 290 members. According to the announcement so far, there are 23 members of parliament who have been infected with the Coronavirus and it is feared that around 30 to 40 percent of the young members are in parliament.  There is a coronavirus. Iran has mobilized its army and parliament. He has said that three lakh army and the rest of the people should be ready.

Ayatollah, who is the leader of Iran, has said that you are fully prepared. We have to fight a whole war Against this virus.
In Iran, it is now feared that if for some reason the army or those in the army, if someone gets the Coronavirus and it spreads, then it will be impossible to stop it.
And we will have no fighting situation. Virus cases in Iran have increased steadily. There are cases of the virus in Italy too. There are cases of the virus in America too.
Earlier, one percent of the virus was seen in Iran, but now it has increased to 4 percent.
Many of the people who went to Iran from Pakistan are now those who came from Pakistan to Iran. After that, five cases have come to Coronavirus in Pakistan. God forbid Pakistan is also at high risk. These are still high chances to become cases.
This is coming to a different level and we have not seen this before as it looks very unique at the moment. Developments from the neighbour country are giving us another thought.

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