The treatment of Coronavirus COVID-19

 Traditional Chinese Soup is the best Development for the treatment of Coronavirus COVID-19

Chinese Herbal is the best source for everything. and now Chinese Brown soup is making a positive development in the human body with a lot of ingredients.and help for the treatment of Coronavirus. Positive Development Within China. It has been revealed that China has developed a brown soup. Chinese Soup is the best Development. And there are as many patients as those who have had the Coronavirus. They are fed Chinese soup. And 95% of those who suffer from the disease are fed TCM, a traditional Chinese medicine soup. The soup contains herbal and old Chinese prescriptions. Chinese says 85 percent of the people are cured.
Do you understand that Chinese brown soup is like a vaccine and is acting similarly and is a medicine for this disease? With the help of this soup, the Chinese have prevented the disease from spreading further, so that the virus does not spread and now they are working on it to eliminate the virus. On the one hand, their scientists are working day and night. They have made a kit that is a paper strip. Within 15 minutes the strip will tell if you have a virus. or not. Now China is promoting TCM everywhere for the treatment of coronavirus.
China is promoting TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) inside the C pack, telling everyone to use this medicine and use it all over the world.
China has said that we have been able to control the virus. because we give soup to 95% of the people infected with the Coronavirus. And we also got positive results.

Russia is Helping China to make Vaccines for Coronavirus COVID-19.

Health experts from Russia are trying their best to provide the formula for the vaccine of Coronavirus.
China is already in the process of making this. Things are coming out very difficult. As soon as Russia’s Scientists and experts announced that if you want to save the global economy, control the Coronavirus that is inside China. And get rid of it.

and Russia has said that we have a lot of drugs that can be controlled the CoronaVirus.No matter how hard we try to cure it, we can overcome it.
Russia says. If we do not develop the vaccine, the Coronavirus can cause many deaths. Russia has recommended three types of drugs.that can help you cure the virus.
Russia recommends this drug for this. Because of this virus is not prevented, not only China but the entire world economy will be destroyed. That’s why Russia fears the stock market will crash completely.
One of the drugs Rashia has created is the ribavirin that can be used to treat coronavirus.
This ribavirin (dose) has also been used in 2003 when the SARS virus came out which infected 17 countries, affecting 8,000 people and killing 8,000 people. Russia will suffer the most damage from this virus.
Because Russia has a lot of oil exports to China, China and Russia are making their digital currency already.
In order to get rid of the dollars, the virus inside China will hurt the whole world and property prices fall through it.

Scientists of Israel is likely to announce the development of Vaccine for COVID-19.

Scientists of Israel is working hard to develop new Vaccine for humanity. They are capable to control and develop anything which is the requirement of this world. China and other countries may buy vaccines.
Ayatollah Makarem Shiraz says.

Iranian scholar Ayatollah Makarem Shiraz says that we allow Israeli medicine – To our citizens – to use the vaccine for the treatment of Coronavirus COVID-19.
Ayatollah Makarem Shiraz has said that if we do not have another option, we will use the Israeli-made vaccine because the vaccine will be lawful and we will not prohibit its use.
Israel says.
Israel has said that we have made the vaccine and that the test is pending and we will work on it. maybe it will take us four months or the fifth months to test it out in advance.
And while China has said that they need time by June to make the vaccine. Each country is working on its own vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies have to increase their stock, they are increasing their value in the market. They are taking money from the investor. If these companies make vaccines, it will take a lot of money, not millions, but millions of dollars to make billions of dollars.
The jobs of millions of people are at stake right now. In the coming days in Pakistan and other countries, it will be decided that not only Friday prayers but five prayers will not be offered in the mosque but will be read in the houses.

US President and German Scientist to develop exclusive Vaccine for COVID-19.

There is a company in Germany called Curevac that is working on the vaccine within Germany.
They have their headquarters and offices in Germany and have a large office within the United States.
A great deal of news has come from Germany and it is the most important newspaper in Germany. This is not an ordinary newspaper. This is an important German newspaper. A leading newspaper of Germany breaks the story and this is because of a very unique move for everyone. Germany and their scientist now working towards a better phase as they are trying to provide good vaccine World Wide. because they are capable of doing so.
It’s called the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, the name of this newspaper is Welt.
 Speakers from the Ministry of Health have said that they met with Donal Trump and they have told him.

Cuevas issued a statement last weak. He said that our chief executive has met with Donald Trump in the White House. Donald Trump has said that you are making the vaccine. You don’t have to sell this vaccine world. and Donald Trump tries to stop them and say we will also give you billions and trillions of dollars to make the vaccine. You will give this vaccine to us and we will give it to the whole world.
Chief executive has met with Donald Trump in the White House. Trump called them. and said they would give you the entire facility to make vaccines. Prepare your vaccine. But this vaccine you will not give to the world. Germany has come very close to making the Vaccine.
The news has sparked a surge in why Trump has stopped a vaccine raising and making German companies.

Now the Prime Minister of the United States has said.

To the company that you didn’t listen to anyone, be it America or someone else. We will fully support you but you do not stop the vaccine. We will fully financially support you to develop a vaccine as soon as possible to prevent the virus and do not give the vaccine to the United States so that we can sell it worldwide.
Germany Scientist from a cure vaccine told that US President Donald Trump talked to them about new upcoming exclusive Vaccines as they are looking for the rights only for the US.

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