Foreign Affairs Ministry Lijian Zhao giving details to the world that what is going on behind

 Lijian Zhao is Now after Donald Trump and the USA  for everything.
Now there is going to be a big fight and this fight is going to go a long way. China will take revenge this time.
Spokesperson of foreign affairs Ministry Lijian Zhao is now giving details to worldwide that what is going on behind the curtain as we have done best of best for everything but everyone is putting us in line and doing different things for us.

For the first time, Chinese spokesperson Lijian Zhao has said. Who is the spokesperson for the Chinese Government? And deputy chief minister in Pakistan was the embassy of China. They have said that whatever news came out about the C-pack and negative propaganda, they were counting on it in a big way. Now China’s patience seems to have been answered.
Donald Trump Press conference.

Donald Trump said in a press conference that the disease has come from within our country. It has come from outside. The disease inside our United States was not before and they are pointing to a clear China. They say the virus has been infected by China in their country. And then the whole world has been affected by this situation.
In this situation, the patience of China is increasing. And their patience is coming to an end.

They have decided that one is to fight the information war and the other is to take revenge from the United States, which is accusing the virus of spreading the virus to us.US is blaming China for spreading the virus by spreading the virus itself. China is very angry And he’s just drinking his anger so far.

Lijian  Zhao Answer to America.

Lijian  Zhao has said that the US military’s disease came from Wuhan. America is the doer of everything. Now the virus has spread all over the world since the United States and the virus has spread to Wuhan. Russia’s intelligence agency is working with China.
China diplomat promotes the conspiracy theory that the US military brought coronavirus to Wuhan.

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