Garqad tree in Israel history

If we turn to the Qur’an and the true Hadith, then the human mind is stunned that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) told us many years ago.Today, when we look at this thing, we are surprised that the intellect of man is so limited that the scope of Islam is so vast. At present, there are trees in Israel that they call garqad. They are almost thirty.And this is a fight of the last days, the Jews take our Hadith out and look at it, especially those who consider it in the Hadith mentioned but do not believe in their ego.

“Abu Hurairah narrates as Harzrat Muhammad(PBUH) said that the Resurrection will not be established until the Muslims will kill the Jews and the Muslims will kill them. At that time the Jew will hide behind the stone and the tree, and he will call out the stone and the tree and say O Muslim, the servant of Allah, this Jew is behind me and kill him, though the tree of garqad will say nothing.”

Because they are among the Jewish trees, more than 300 million trees have been planted in Israel.And the places are planted and the Jews do not believe in our hadith and the prophet why they are planting trees by following our hadiths because they know That our Prophet is truthful, they have read the truth, whatever their interpretation is that they are the last prophets, after which no prophet will come.

But they do not accept all this simply because of their ego, so they have grown garqad trees because wherever they are, the Jews will be protected.

You guess the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu They planted trees in the 1999, the people of Israel also plant gardens in their homes and in gifts they give each other trees of movement.Jews from all over the world, along with Israel, are planting this tree. The issue of Iran and the United States, Iran has threatened that one will target the US bases.

On the other hand, Tel Aviv-Yafo City in Israel and Haifa will be ashamed and will destroy. This threat has taken a lot of serious in Israel. In places where they fear Israel may be under attack, they have begun planting trees on their way home. Iran’s video on which this news is being played is not officially shown yet Israel already has 30 to 32 million tree already

That they planted this tree because of our only hadith.We have more Jews than we believe in the hadith, there are more than a hundred muslims.America who only teach the culture of Muslims to their living psychology.

“Sahih Muslim Hadith No. 70349 narrates from Abu Hurairah that the Muhammad(S A W )which said that the Hour will not be established until the Muslims will fight against the Jews.As long as Muslims would kill Jews, Muslims would kill them. At that time, the Jews would hide behind rocks and trees, And the stone and the tree will say: O Muslims, the servants of Allah, these Jews are behind me Let’s kill him.However, the garqad tree will say nothing.”

Because of this hadith, Jews have planted trees in Israel, as soon as Iran threatened they started planting more trees. Saudi Arabia produces garqad trees in Qatar and Dubai.Why there are more than 70 varieties of garqad trees.There are some garqad varieties that bear fruit. Some are used for medicines. Their children are also taught in schools from the very beginning that you have to give each other a gift of garqad tree. Now, when Christmas came recently, the tree they gave in the gifts also had a type of garqad in it.

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