India has been supporting Mohammad Bin Salman because of the OIC’s opposition to Imran Khan

India has been supporting Mohammad Bin Salman because of the OIC's opposition to Imran Khan.

Saudia Arabia and Mohammad Bin Salman are opposing Imran Khan at OIC .
This is the propaganda that India is doing. This is the only propaganda.
India is celebrating in India right now and you will be surprised to hear why it is being celebrated.
The celebration is being celebrated for this.
Saudia Arabia is Supporting India and they have some investment programs for the future.
Imran Khan requested the OIC that as soon as there is a foreign minister his emergency meeting of five countries should be convened and immediate long term planing against India. And take action for it.

Division Among the US, Imran Khan OIC as Saudia Arabia unwilling to accept the request.

Now, look at what happened next Saudi Arabia has refused and Indian media is saying that Saudi Arabia's denial is in itself a fact that India is going to win today. And Imran Khan is completely offended. The same thing is happening on every media in the world, all the media is showing the same news is being joked about how bad it is with Saudi Arabia today. Indian media has launched such a big campaign against Mahathir Mohamed and Tayyab Erdogan.

An expert is saying that

we should raise our voice against Malaysia on the International forum. And especially against Turkey, we should raise our voice against Turkey. And it should end all the situation because Turkey and Malaysia stand together and we have to move Saudi Arabia and UAE together because they are against Pakistan and friends of India.

Now India's propaganda is that

if China does not want to bring Pakistani students from Pakistan, India will bring it from there.

In all these situations there is so much propaganda in india….

That if they have not been given any response from them.
India is saying that the problem is that the Indian market is huge.
As the Indian market is large, the major advantage we have is that the Muslims of the Ummah have their interests tied to the countries of Muslims.

Saudi Arabia is pushing it all into Israel and America.

Saudi Arabia, which is silent and does not speak, has pressure on the United States and Israel.
Otherwise, Saudia Arabia is a Muslim country. He could give concrete answers just like Pakistan. Turkey and Malaysia could respond. Saudi Arabia is not responding because it is under pressure from Israel and the United States.
At the moment, Saudi Arabia has no issues. The issue is that the US is not happy with Saudia Arabia.
If Saudi Arabia has done anything against them and the situation in their country can be very bad again.
The US, who wanted to work with Pakistan, used to say before itself that it has now caught a new job that it calls Saudi Arabia.
Tayyip Erdogan had openly said that Mohammed bin Salman had threatened to expel 4 million workers from Pakistanis if they disobeyed us.
Imran Khan said about OIC…

Now Imran Khan who has come recently has been very angry at all these matters. Imran Khan has clearly stated that he is such a defect oic is of no use and he has also heard Muhammad bin Sulman.

Tayyip Erdogan's arrival in Pakistan.

Tayyip Erdogan who is coming to Pakistan will stand inside Pakistan's parliament and give you a voice against Israel.
On the one hand, the move is taking place in the country.

Lastly, why are there oic made?

And on the other hand, there is an OIC move.
After all, why is it oic, is it made for Muslims or is it for this purpose of India?
Is the OIC made for the purpose of making India happy?
Today India is celebrating that Mohammed bin Salman is Saudi Arabia and UAE. He did what India and Israel want.
Saudi Arabia has offered that Russia…

All this is the intention of the United States: Saudi Arabia should realize that Saudi Arabia has offered that Russia.
Take S400 missiles and you save everything America and Israel will not miss them.
India is taking the missiles with them.
In all these situations, no one is saying to India and Saudi Arabia is forbidding all the powers that you should not take Russia for granted.
Because the invaders are Israelis, Saudi Arabia does not understand this.
In the future, look at the situation in Sudan, where they first started the movement in the name of inflation. Now Israel has begun to capture it.
Slowly they have to move to Syria and then to Turkey, including Saudi Arabia inside their Greater Israel.
All except Mecca and Medina are at their target if Saudi Arabia is not supporting Pakistan or Arab countries are not supporting Pakistan.
So tomorrow when the Israelis are about to make things worse, whatever Pakistanis are doing there, then who has to fight with Pakistan, who has to support them?
The Pakistani army has always been saving Pakistan.

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