India is out of G20 List before the tours of Donald Trump

India is out of G20 List before the tours of Donald Trump…

India has been excluded from the G20 list after Donald Trump’s visit.

President Donald Trump visits India on February 24-25, removes India from the list of developed countries. The United States removed India from the list for being a member of the G20 and contributing 0.5 or more in global trade. When the president and prime minister of a country visit another country, someone goes with a gift. The situation inside India is very bad. Donald Trump has now gone to India with the gift and sees what the gifts are. The gift is that the US has removed India from the G-20 member list.

What is the G20 member list

, what were the benefits to India and what did they do after being fired?

This is a list that has G-20 members on it. There are benefits to Development Nations.
They were acknowledged all over the world in terms of Import and Export, India was included in all these benefits, they were given all the benefits that a developing nation receives and everything was provided to India. Because of this G20 list, the United States gives many benefits to India and India exports it. Many things give it a lot of benefits.

Let’s look at the losses India has suffered since being removed from the G20 list.

After leaving the G20, India has also suffered a loss of three lakh jobs. Three million jobs within India have been eliminated.
Trump has given this award to India as a gift after the run…
That removed it from the G20
$ 260 million fine as a gift to India…
Three lakh jobs have been damaged.
Most Shocked Their Export…
Their Dollar Rate Has Too Low…
When the goods were shipped from India, the US market was deteriorating.
That is why India has received a shock. It has been removed from the winnings G20 list because it was harming the United States with them.

Now let’s see what was the end reason for removing them from the G20 list.

India was included in the G20 list for many years and Modi was saying that I would improve the economy but
Modi destroyed the economy, destroyed the entire economy, his per capita is actually $ 2,000
While he needed $ 12,000,
Modi was saying I would improve the economy, but instead of getting better, he was clashing.
First of all, it was decided by the United States to expel it and put India out of the G20 list and India suffered a lot.
The other news is that Donald Trump fined India $ 260 million.
Donald Trump imposes a $ 250 million penalty on India on the eve of his visit.

This move is not just about the loss of $260 million in GSP benefits but also about how many lakhs jobs could be lost in specific. Industries when the economy is facing grousing unemployment and signification.

India is out of G20 List before the tours of Donald Trump

India’s terms which made it off the list…

India had placed two conditions in front of Trump. Sometimes he says that we will fight the Afghan Taliban. He says that if you support us in all these situations, we will attack Azad Kashmir, then you will not be with Pakistan but with us. Give up.
Then another condition India puts before the United States is that
you make me a permanent member of the UNAC Security Council.
India is putting all these conditions in front of the United States and India is thinking of Pakistan at thirty.

But the United States will never want anyone to rule in its place

The United States, which is the boundary of the whole world and will never want anyone to sit on its seat and rule its place.
He wants everyone to be sitting in his shoes,
India’s top executives were appointed by the United States to Global First. Google was the SEO of India person.
Look at Microsoft, it has India’s servant too.
In the United States, you could see Indians everywhere.
India was not believing in America, I was obeying everything I was agreeing to my terms.
Because of this and India’s relations with the United States were not good, he was buying a lot of things from the United States but he did not believe anything of America which is why he was removed from the G20.

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