India warns palm oil buyers against Malaysian

India Restrict to import Palm oil from Malysia

Because malysia is the true friend of Pakistan in times of trouble. Today, Malaysia has made great sacrifices for Pakistan but has refused to step back.India had given Malaysia a final warning that if you do not give a positive remix to Kashmir and do not stop interfering with our control fees, we will withdraw from you and withdraw Palm Oil.This last warning was given by his official. We then said that Mahathir Mohamad said that in any case we will not retreat from the Kashmir stand.

This is not just a problem of Kashmir but it is a problem of Muslims inside the entire world. Today, India has banned Malaysia from seeing that the Malaysians will not export Palm Oil to their country. In India, Palm Oil used to come from Malaysia in 2 million tonnes.And since the total capacity of oil is 11 to 12 million tonnes, the prices of the oil have gone up in India and the militia has refused to say that they will not retreat from the Kashmir stand.His ambassador has been given a blocker warning to withdraw not once but several times, warning that he will now take the oil to Indonesia to meet his oil shortage, as well as Nepal, Ukraine and other markets. Will turn to.And he will compensate for the loss and these countries are willing to compensate him. Up to four million tonnes of oil is secretive, and never before has Malaysia been in support of Islam with Muslims to boost exports.Up to four million tonnes of oil is secretive, and never before has Malaysia been in with Muslims to boost exports.This happened when the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad came and stood with Islam.

Never before has he been in a difficult time with Muslims.It was only because of personal friendship with Imran Khan’s Mahathir that he supported the Muslims. Imagine if Imran Khan’s affairs were in Saudi Arabia, So Mahathir Mohamad had to lie. He said that Imran Khan did not come because of Saudi Arabia. And are told that you are not exactly as you are supposed to be. He has just come out and revealed that Saudi Arabia has decided to expel 40,000 workers of Muslims and will not keep Muslims in any case.Instead, Bangladesh will keep and Malaysia on the other hand support Pakistan.Put restrictions on yourself.$ 100 billion is a loan to the militia.They are connected up in debt and inflation is rising there too .And the company that is exporting these oils will stop it completely and say why Mahathir has made a leg up in the Kashmir issue. Why are you standing for Kashmir. Our children are starving.This man has done such a great favor to Pakistan that we can never do this kind of favor. We have to stand with Malaysia and support them.

The source of this article is Haqeeqat TV

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