namaste introduced by Israel prime minister to the citizen

PM of Israel asks citizen to do Namaste while Greeting everyone like India.

Israeli PM asks citizens to make a new way to greet which is the style of India called Namaste.
We have to use this way to greet each other and this would make us have good relations with India as well.

Israel’s prime minister.

Israel’s prime minister is Netanyahu.
Benjamin Netanyahu is an Israeli Politician who has been Prime Minister of Israeli.
Netanyahu has won re-election after a controversial election. He has a press conference.

Press conference of Prime minister

He has done a press conference and said during the press conference. This is the reason for the press conference is
that because Coronavirous and many other issues have come up here, he has baned his Israelis that you should not travel around the world.

The Israelis are doing just fine so it is in our hadith that you should not leave anywhere you are in danger.

Benjamin Netanyahu did a press conference and told his people after today that you should not shake hand each other.

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu asks citizens to greet with Namaste.
He has told his people that you have to Namaste like India.
And in greeting, you have to speak the word Shalm, as Muslims say As-salamu alaykum.
And their Prime minister is telling his people that you do not want to join hands with anyone, not to salute but to say Namaste.

The Prime Minister of Israel arrives and tells his people that you people have to do this and what not to do.

Israelis have friendship with India.

Israelis have also joined India.
India is included so that India is happy.

They could also tell the world that you should not shake hands all over the world. They are saying that you should not join hands israil.

They are appealing to India because India is against Pakistan and the reason is that India has announced that there are R77 missiles, so instead of their missiles, they will rely on Israeli.
And Israel is giving them weapons and things.
Israel has given India a lot of Barak 8 missiles, Bedrock missiles, ballistic missiles.
Its range is up to 50km. Israel has given all these things to India that you have to target the JF 17 Thunder, F16 of Pakistan and whatever is being created with Pakistan and China. You have to target them.
Israel has now provided India with drones that will allow it to scan the entire Pakistani territory while staying in its own area.
It can scan whatever land.
Pakistan has and it can scan the entire country within 24 hours.

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