Israelis allowed to visite Saudi Arabia

Israel official has announced that Israelis can visite Saudi Arab for hajj, business, and tour and can stay there.

Israelis can travel to Saudi Arabia for nine days only maximum, non-Muslim Israelis can not visit Makkah and Madina but Muslims in Israel like Palestine can travel to Hajj mean Makkah and Madina.

To travel from Israel to Saudi Arabia you need to know the rules, to apply for Visa just visite your nearest Travel Agency.

Before 2020 officially no Israelis was allowed to travel to Saudi Arab but now it’s announced to go-to Saudi for 9 days to do hajj, business or tour.

As we know that Hajj can’t complete in 9 days but it’s just a starting phase of the new relationship between Arab and Israel soon the time will expend to more days.

Israel’s Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri, announced that Israelis will be allowed in two circumstances to travel to Saudi Arabia: For religious reasons – Hajj.

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