Significant General Asif Ghafoor has been supplanted by General Babar Iftikhar who will currently head the ISPR(Inter-Services Public Relations.)

Major General Asif Ghafoor was a Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations, Representative of Pakistan Armed Forces, since 26 December 2016, General Asif Ghafoor has completed his tenure as DGISPR and transferred to (GOC) 40 devisions Okara.

The example of General Ghafoor who worked for our country is his own example and what he has done to revolutionize our country Before that, whoever was in the ISPR post was there.As much as his department was, he was unable to perform his duties as Major General Asif Ghafoor performed and later posted a new DG ISPR to the newly appointed General Babar Iftikhar. Has been taken.
Now Major General Ghafoor administrator have been moved to 4o Division Okara.

From where Asif Ghafoor left, a pact will be started by General Babar.And just as Major General Ghafoor has been very good for our country, Major Babar Iftikhar will prove to be very good and will take the country to the next level.InshAllah. We congratulate them all…

Welcome and best wishes to new DG ISPR for his success or new rank.

It is not a normal thing to be a Major General or ISPR inside the army, nor is it an easy task. On June 28, 2019, there were 987 officers who were requested to be promoted. Of those, 37 were Brigadier and the Pakistani included nine medically was approved.

For the rank of Major General you now see where you have to select from the 987 Officers where you have to select the General and one of them is also appointed Major DG ISPR.

Some people think that as soon as you leave the post of DGISPR then your responsibility finished And you retire.This is wrong.
General Asif Ghafoor, who will retire on January 23, 2023,
Babar Iftikhar, who was posted as Major General and is now the DG ISPR who will retire on June 28, 2025. His Tenure lasts for three years. This is wrong and after completing it you belong and are transferred.

Some people say that we relieved them, this is wrong.They have a Tenure duration and they are after you have completed and are transferred. Now the general’s Asif Ghafoor has completed its DGISPR tenure.
Later he holds the rank of Lieutenant. There are various positions in the Army.Captain,Major, Brigadier ,General and then everyone in the Army’s positions slowly go to work.

Major General Asif Ghafoor Administrations have been moved to the 40th Okara where he was fill in as the General Official Directing(GOC)۰

Now Major General Baber Iftikhar, newly Army’s spokesperson.

General Asif Ghafoor will run Babar’s Iftikhar Twitter account and take it to the next level. Inshallah General Ghafoor has done a lot for the country through its conference.

What he will miss most is his February 27 press conference, he will always be remembered in every case and the next general will take our country to the next level.InshAllah.

Historical sentences in Major General Asif Ghafoor 2019

We’ve been preparing for you from 70 years and are ready for you.

We will not be surprised if there is a war.

We Will defend the country till the last breath and bullet.

We are the people who start from Allahu Akbar and end at Almighty Allah.

DGISPR Retirement is just rank, but the army and the military never retire.

We will give you a surprise,We will give full response to both internal and external enemy.

DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor responds to enemy in style.

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