Rakesh Maria book “Let’s me Say it Now”

Interesting revelation by Rakesh Maria in his book “Let’s me Say it Now”

Today we will present to you the revelations of India which have been laid before but never before India has responded. We will fully expose them today. There is currently a debate on the same topic in India.
Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria book India has been released, which is fully booked in India. This is the name of the book is
“Rakesh Maria Let’s me Say it Now”
Ajmal Kasab is mentioned in this book.

First of all, we see Who is Ajmal Kasab?

Muhammad Ajmal Amir Kasab is born on 13 July 1987 in Okara. Mohammad Ajmal was a Pakistani militant and a member of the Lask-Taiba Islam and Islamist militant organization.
It participated in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks in the Indian Maharashtra state.
Kasab was the only attacker killed by 72 policemen during the attacks.
Kasab was the only attacker arrested by the police alive Kasab was born in a town in Faridkot, Pakistan. He belonged to the butcher community.
On May 3, 2010, Kasab was convicted of a number of crimes, including murder, explosives, etc. He left his home in 2005 after being involved in a minor crime and robbery with a friend.

Rakesh Maria Let’s me Say it Now

Taking the name of Ajmal Kasab, there is a saying inside the book that Ajmal Kasab got an ID card and got documents and the name was written on this ID card by Sameer Chaudhry.
But they are saying that all the Hindus were attacked and these ID cards came from them. After twelve years, they revealed that today we are exposing what the situation really was.
One of the revelations was that he got an ID card with Ajmal Kasab. Do you think to yourself that if an attacker goes for an attack anywhere, does he carry an ID card or does he carry a passport? Ajmal Kasab was all about drama.
The picture of Ajmal Kasab was taken, then no angle was set on this Indian angle at any station in India which took a picture from the front.
Whenever a photo is taken at a station, it is set on top by the CCTV camera never set in front.
Another important thing was the here Thirty-eight cameras were mounted a day ago, How do the front cameras get damaged one day before they have to record everything?
Terrorists enter the Cama Hospital and attack..

First of all, we expose this thing to India.
Former IG Ahsan Mashrif of Maharashtra has been a Foreman ID policeman.
He has done a tremendous job. In India,
he always kept the Modi government in check.
And always keep an eye on him, he wrote a book in which he wrote that Ajmal Kasab was kidnapped from Kathmandu in 2006.
On November 28, 2008, inside the Martial Times, a news story appeared that he had two or three attacks on that day. On November 28, 2008, terrorists enter the Cama Hospital and attack.
Cama Hospital (originally just Cama Hospital)
The Hospital for women and children in the city of Mumbai, India with 367 beds. and staffing was provided through the Medical women for India fund.
Cama Hospital was attacked during the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack.
Terrorist enters the Cama hospital and attacks two Watchmen and kill them and another Watchmen recovers. The terrorists see that he is not wearing a uniform, so they go to him and ask him in Marathi what are you doing here?
The watchman grabs the feet of his terrorists, saying that I do not work here. My wife is ill. I have brought her to the hospital for treatment.
She got a hot attack. I brought her to the hospital for treatment. I do not work here. Then the terrorists ask them in Marathi whether you are telling the truth. The person says yes, I am telling the truth. I swear to my mother I was telling the truth then the terrorists left her.
Now this man goes to the police to be a witness against the terrorists that I spoke to in Marathi.
Think for yourself in which Muslims speak or understand Marathi.

In addition, US intelligence agencies had to give Rag their input that on November 18, 2008, some attacks from the founders were forthcoming and Raw should have passed this information to intelligence beurow.
It was the Intelligence Bureau’s job to pass the information to the police but they did not pass the information. They told everything from mobile numbers to the founders that they were coming from the founders. 46 people were killed and 22 of them were Muslims. India has carried out the attack but could not prove it till today because they carried out the attack and gave the name to Pakistan.

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