The brilliant formula of Imran Khan to ease the Dept of the country

This is how we can progress as Imran Khan has given a brilliant formula to ease the dept so we can make some progress and boost the economy as things are going very difficult for us.
Imran Khan has decided to play the best innings of his history and has done the best. He has told the world community that IMF, including the World Bank and China, have told them all. That you will forgive our debt.
We don’t have the money to give. And we cannot fight this disease. The nations are as poor as the global community. They are poor. Their debts are forgiven. but we cannot fight this virus.
If you do not forgive the debt, how can we cope with this illness and how to get out of this trouble Imran Khan has done the best job. Imran Khan has done this very well.
If we have the money, we will invest in our development and fight the disease. We need to campaign in this case all over the world. In this case, it is our responsibility to run the campaign around the world to eliminate the virus. If we succeed in getting the debt forgiven, it will change the destiny of Pakistan. Such an Opportunity comes whenever people around the world forgive the debt. It is the media’s responsibility to run a worldwide campaign so that our debts are forgiven.

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