The Citizenship Amendment Bill CAA ( CAB India )

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, was introduced by BJP in 2016. To change the citizenship status of illegal migrants in india. The bill provides citizenship to migrants 3 countries,Afghanistan, Pakistan,Bangladesh. But only if they belonged to 6 communities. 6 communities like Hindus, Sikhs Buddhist, Jains, Parsis, Christians. Muslim migrants are not eligible to citizenship. Who is opposing the bill. since the introduction of the bill protest have erupted 7 Northern Estern states. Assam Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur,Mizoram, and tripura. The primary concern of the people was that BJP was trying to change the demography of the region by increasing the population of Hindus there.There is going to concern that the indigenous and Tribal communities in the region. will soon be replaced by Hindus from Bangladesh. In Tripura, the Police lathi-charged the protestors and fired warning shots to disperse the crowed. The protestors responded by pelting stones and botles at the police. Major student bodies in the 7 states have come together to joinly protest the bill. under the banner of NESO. The Northern Eastern Student Organization . NESO is made up of 8 major student unions like

1-The All Assam Student Union.

2-The Khasi Student Union.

3-The All Arunachal Pardesh Student Union.

4-Mizo Zirlai Pawl Student Union. 5-Garo Student union.

6-Naga student federation. 7-Twipra Student Federation. 8-All Manipur Student Union.

NESO has been organizing street meetings to raise awarness against the bill. It has been successfull in organizing scale protest against the seven states. and opposite parties take a stand the

1-AIUDF( All India United Democratic Front)

2-IUML(Indian Union Muslim League)

3-TMC congress and the

4- Samajvadi Party(SP) congress have voiced opposition to the bill.

The CAB bill, 2016 was passed in the Lok Sabha on 8th January, 2019.

General Hameed Gul’s step-by-step death is missing that Modi will end India and it will prove to be a great gift for Pakistan is the worst period in the history of India has been presented in the Bill Lok Sabha.After that, there is no doubt that India is about to reach its end and it cannot remain without fragments.

Today a bill has appeared in the Lok Sabha of India and understand that the name of the cap is being given ie Citizenship Amendment Bill..After this bill, you will see the Surely uprising in India. According to this bill, there are many illegal people inside India who are coming from Bangladesh, Pakistan, from India, Hindus, Sikhs and Persians. They will be given citizenship. But Muslims who come from other countries will not be granted citizenship, they will either be arrested or expelled from the country. Along with this, again in India, if anyone other than Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh or anywhere will get citizenship, Muslims will not be allowed.This bill has not passed Now and will become part of the law when the president signs it. This is what is going to happen. This bill is going to pass.

According to this bill, there are millions of Muslims inside India and spread all over India who are living there from Pakistan to Bangladesh from Afghanistan ie as many Muslims.Any country from which they are in India will be expelled. Now Imagine a family of forty or five million people or millions of people who have come from all over the country to live in India. And they are living there from generation to generation. Now what will happen to them if they drive them out of India? Similarly, when they expel Muslims from India, Bangladesh will refuse to accept them. They will remain in camps and commit suicide. They will revolt inside India. This is the first step that they have planned and, even more dangerous, they will say that this land is ours and Muslims are migrating here illegal. Therefore, they will be expelled because even those who have or will not have nationality, it does not matter that everyone will be expelled.Legal or those illegal will be removed from India. When this is done, there will be 25 million Muslims inside India who will revolt and they will have no choice but to split India because if the 25 million Muslims do not rebel, they will come on the streets.And after being removed from the country, India’s first target is to expel all Muslims from their homeland.

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