The Coronavirus, which is known as NCOV, originated from the China city of Wuhan

The Coronavirus, which is known as NCOV, originated from the China city of Wuhan. Now the story has come out that those who are Health Express in China says the Coronavirus was brought in from outside to spread it to China. And this is being spread by highlighting the media so that China’s economy can be destroyed. And people all over the world who Export China with this Coronavirus have been impacted by China’s export.
In China, the virus of Coronavirus things is starting to get worse.

These are the infections caused by Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus has difficulty breathing, nasal cough and fever. Coronavirus is the type of virus that already has only 6 viruses.
This is the 7th virus of the Coronavirus that is spreading in China.

According to Chinese officials,
The number of people killed by the Coronavirus in the city of Wuhan one crore population is 9.
And more than 400 cases have been reported

The virus can cause such a dangerous situation in China.
The people in China will not even think about it. Chinese people wear a veil to avoid and safety of air pollution.

Russian scientist says the virus is transmitted to humans and cannot be born naturally and has been developed in the laboratory.

Russia says…
An experiment was conducted in 2013, and then the SARS virus came to China, affecting approximately eight thousand people and killing more than 800 people.
SARS is a Virus that spread in China in 2013. and later spread to 37 countries,
Even at that time, the export had a lot of impacts.
People stopped going to China and then it spread to 37 areas then it took one to two weeks to understand the disease.

Now Russia says Coronavirus it’s the second version of the same virus.
All flights to China are now closed and everyone refuses to go to China

Viruses are injected here to destroy the economies of the countries in which much reserves are found.

Now look at Nigeria, look at African countries, they release Congo and many viruses to end the reservoir of crisis and then go there to help them. Take over Property and capture their reserves. and Resources. Their oil and gold steal everything.

The virus is spreading more and more inside China, and if it continues, it will wrap up the entire Chinese economy that is spreading throughout China.
And the city of Waham where more than one million people live, Congavirus has been spread out and here alerts released completely .and completely sealed.
No one can move in and no one can get out. Everyone is told to stay at home. Transport is affecting everything.

The Coronavirus has many types, which came to Saudi Arabia in 2012 and killed more than 800 people. The virus was transmitted from Camel to humans.

The Coronavirus spread to China when the entire Chinese New Year celebrates. Chinese New Year Starts on December 25.

According to the University of Nottingham biologist Professor Jonathan brown, if the Coronavirus is a new virus, it may have come from an animal.
It comes from the South China Sea Food Market. They say such animals are brought here.
Animals can also bring Viruses with them. mammals, which are mammals, can carry the virus with them.

Animals like rabbits and bats are also found in this market.

The Coronavirus has now been reported in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, China says.
The Coronavirus is transmitted from person to person.
In other words, the doctors who were treating it also became infected.
In this disease, it affects the Coronavirus affects the Lungs.

Pakistan is also doing some work for the virus.

Experiments are being conducted over China At present, the total population in China is 1,436,919,562..
The Chinese government had said in the law that you can only have one child. When the ban was lifted in 2015, their people were in the habit of having a baby.

At this time the Washington New York Times has no BBC media in the world where Coronaviruses within China are not featured on the media.

Except for Pakistan News, the only Chinese Coronavirus was not shown by Pakistani channel.

Hong Kong has clearly stated that if the virus is spreading through humans, then it is very difficult for us to control the virus because the virus can spread to humans if thousands of people come in daily.

Sehar Baloch is working on this.
A notification has been issued at the National Institute of Health.
According to this, three places will be inspected for travelers coming from China to Pakistan.

And screening tests have also been set up for travelers in Islamabad Lahore and Karachi and the diseases in which they will be diagnosed after the test.
They will be shifted to Jinnah Hospital or shifted to Lahore Mayo Hospital and Islamabad Pims Hospital.

World Health says that the best solution for people is to not go to the animals and, if necessary, wear a mask and wash the meat and eggs thoroughly. And wash hands thoroughly before cooking
and wear a mask on the face while traveling, and away from colds.

Now China’s officials have said that we have told scientists and experts to help our viruses overcome this virus as soon as possible. And report as soon as possible so that the virus can be detected. So that we can do something to prevent it, and if it is not controlled then China’s economy will suffer a lot. That economy will be destroyed. And many countries have canceled flights from China so that the virus does not spread from China to their countries and they are not even allowing Chinese people to enter their country.

The Coronavirus in which the antibiotic is given is completely useless after some time of use. The doctor prescribes you antibiotics can prevent this disease. But it does have to produce a special vaccine that gives you External Protection but this vaccine takes a lot of time. And they can develop a vaccine when they know where the virus came from and after they find out what the virus is, then they come to market. It’s a long process to Prepare a Vaccine.

For more info visit this link–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

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