The DGSPR Asif Ghafoor in today speech said We will not allow our land to be used in any way

Now stand the praise of Pakistan and have taken a wonderful stand.As I told you in the previous videos,

the DGISPR has revealed it today.One of Pakistan is in constant contact with Iran and Saudi Arabia.

We do not want to take anyone’s side.The United States wants to use Pakistan. He wants to make the most of Balochistan, the mainland of Pakistan.

In this situation, army spokesman The DGSPR Asif Ghafoor has said “We will not allow our land to be used in any way. Pakistan has clearly refused to support the United States.” Why should we support the United States if America wants to go to war, be it in Iraq or Iran. We will never allow it to come into our land.

Now the United States will use India to fight. Some will come from a situation where the US will say that some of Iran’s terrorists have attacked the US bases from Pakistan’s territory.And he will say that those who are with Iran are against me and whatever is neutral is against me.

This time neither Imran Khan will support him and General Bajwa will neither support him. Now in this situation India will said . you want to use my land and attack Pakistan as well and do what you can.Pakistan is currently in constant contact with Russia and with China because the real targets are C-PAC and Pakistan.

Pakistan is in constant contact with Turkey right now. We want to see how the matter can cool down but the US is only making the situation worse.

In the coming time, the United States will ban the Pakistanis, it will blackmail Pakistan and hang a sword on Pakistan. We have refused the USA or he will replace us now he has been planning it for a year and a half before playing it all. We will do this in plan A and the plan B will also be.. It will be in Plan A that will use Pakistan’s land and the plan will also be that if Pakistan does not allow its land to be used then we will fight against it.And he will use India. India will say that Israel will come and Americans will also fight against Pakistan. On the other hand, Russia and China will support Pakistan for the first time.

Pakistan will support all peaceful efforts and hopes the region doesn’t go towards another war,” he quoted the army chief as saying.

The army’s spokesman said that peace had been achieved in Pakistan after a lot of sacrifices, adding that the nation will play its role for peace in the region.

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