Trading Halts as Dow Jones Down more than 9 percent in 3 minutes

US Stock Market Dow Jones down more than 9% as well many others are doing the same.

US Stock Market  Dow Jones Down more than 9 percent as well many others are doing the same Gold Down along oil in the trading and then there was a message should halt trading.

By the time the disease is known to the world, the situation in the whole world will have been so bad that the next generation will be able to recover.
Within three minutes the entire stock market has crashed as the American stock market rings a bell. Their stock market has fallen by 9%. Dow Jones has fallen by about 10.6 percent. Germany’s stock market has fallen, the UK stock market has fallen.

1.5 trillion dollars was injected into the market by the Federal Reserve Bank to improve the situation.
The panic may never have been as dated as it is nowUS stores are currently empty.

It was famous inside the UK that people here are so advanced they never sleep but now their stores are closed. School colleges are closed, Parties are closed, even roads are dilapidated.
Even parks in Dubai are all closed Wedding halls are closed everything is also closed there they all said that you do not have to be gathering and staying in homes.
Of those who came from Iran, 20 of them had KP, 15 of them had the disease

US President Donald Trump is injecting $800 Billion to Boost the economy.

Stock Market is Crashing all over the world and even US Stock Market Halts even after a few minutes and now Donald Trump is injecting Billions of Dollars to boost the US economy. This is now coming to everyone that they are trying to make the best for the economy. 

This is a viral disease spread across the world, This may result in the overriding of Donald Trump and the presidency. Because the stock market has fallen completely, Morgan Stanley said at the time.
Morgan Stanley says Markets are bottoming so sell U.S Dollar.
The stock market has completely crashed. Now we see what the situation is going to be with Donald Trump. We see this.
Viruses cases are also increasing rapidly in Pakistan as they are taking visitors from Iran and from China to their country very fast. They are being allowed into their homes without a test. This is causing people to spoil the work of others as well. that goes into their home without a test.
Today there are over 150 cases in Sindh and in the coming days, it will appear in the thousands. Because those who have brought it from Iran, the spread of the virus has greatly increased.
At present, Donald Trump’s condition is not good. 40% of Americans are Americans in the United States, ie 14 to 15 million Americans who do not have $ 400 into their accounts. That is, the market is closed and everything is closed, not all jobs are closed. Not even paid leave. People have taken out loans. People have nothing to eat. The stores inside the US are completely empty.
People have started looting and started looting in stores. People have started to carry weapons. The state of the market is very down.

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