United States kills Iranian generals

National honor

The United States kills Iranian generals, Iran’s president announced revenge. Oil prices become high in the global market as soon as the announcement was made. Condemnation statements started to come from all over the world. European allies in the United States began expressing their detachment from the US. Britain said they were not taken in confidence nor the other countries. The US issued directives for all Americans to leave Iraq because of fear of war as a response from Iran side. Three thousand more US troops (army) announced to send to the Middle East NATO canceled training in Iraq after the US killed top Iranian leader general┬áSoleimani,

it’s possible possible that Iran will strick back as a response. Trump announced that I have order to kill general Soleimani because he was trying to strick against America and was thinking of attacks on US Army. The foreign minister began calling his tenants, including leaders from all over the world and began taking them in confidence to find the response after this event.

Calling Pakistan Army Chief to use Pakistan, to get help from him and use Pakistani land against Iran but Pakistan directly answered that we will not allow any power to use Pakistani soul against anyone nor Iran or America will be allowed to do so. Pakistan want peace and can help in stopping war not using the land for war.

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