US dollar Rate Reaches to 167 Rupees in Pakistan

US Dollar reaches the highest level in history against PKR. The dollar has been traded at Rs 167 to 45 paise in the market.

US Dollar Reaches to 167 and Imran Khan has to tell everyone that there are 1.8 billion Dollars flew from our country and that is why the rate has gone up today. It can reach to 175-180 in coming days.

Suddenly the dollar rate has gone up so much that no one is catching the mafia. At present, the dollar has been traded at Rs 167 to 45 paise in the market. And it has reached the highest level in Pakistan. In fact, why the dollar prices are rising today, Today Haqeeqat TV will tell you in this blog.
From the day Hafeez Sheikh and Baqir Raza came, the two are on the IMF’s agenda. They have drowned the economy.

Assad Omar of Egypt had told this government about Baqir Raza. Do not trust him in any way. This person will destroy your economy as he has done on the agenda. He has been forced to ask for a bag.
Now understand why the dollar is so expensive than $ 1.8 billion has gone out of your treasury for nearly two billion dollars. And people didn’t even know. Let’s call it Hot Money. Now let’s see what this Hot Money is?
Outflows of hot money surge to $ 1.8 billion.

The interest rate of Pakistan was 13.25 percent in the last few days. People who take interest from outside. What happens in foreign countries, people who take loans in foreign countries and in the US and elsewhere in the world, there are very low-interest rates. Somewhere on 1% somewhere, 2% and somewhere, 4% do what people do there they borrow less money and then they get a loan on less money.
And that money is invested in Pakistan’s security, security bonds. Someone invested for four months. Some invest for six months, then someone for eight months.

Now since the virus has come, Pakistan has reduced interest.
Pakistanis also raised interest in Ramadan so that people can invest more money. This doesn’t make the economy the best and Hafeez Sheikh and Baqir Raza are both telling Imran Khan that the economy is okay.
But the two Hafeez Sheikh and Baqir Raza have completely destroyed the economy, which is why the dollar prices have gone up a lot.
And both of them are miss guiding Imran Khan that all is well. There is 2 percent of peoples  investing in Pakistan and they make a  profit of 13.25. There are also some deductions. And they take the money out and return it to the bank, all because of fraud, the dollar is getting expensive.


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