What is Hantavirus and How it Gonna effect all around the world

Hantavirus Update…

Local media from china gave details that a new emerging. Another virus has come up inside China called the Hantavirus virus.
Hantavirus is now taking things in own hands. There is the History of Hantavirus and we should remember that this is identical to the move we are going through now.

The world is not looking for a cure right now. Prayers are running everywhere. Someone is dying somewhere. Someone is dying because of Coronavirus.
The whole world has shut down. In this situation, a new thing has emerged in China recently. Another virus has come up inside China called the Hantavirus virus.
People are very scared of what this is. We will tell you in detail in this blog what the Hantavirus virus is.?
Hantavirus virus…The biggest problem with this Hantavirus virus is that if a hundred people get the disease, 38 of them die. While the Coronavirus is that if there are hundred people then only two die.
It also has the same side effects and effects that Coronavirus. Now let’s see how it blooms.

Inside China, there was a Greece Provence there was a bus named charted. One of the people had this virus. Later when it was tested everyone thought he had Coronavirus but he did not have coronavirus. Later found out that he had a Hantavirus.
Later in the weird situation, 32 passengers of the bus that were riding on the bus were tested. And about which China has not yet given any details, 
it actually spread in the 1950s when the United States and Korea fought and it was near the Hanta river.

And it has been fought near the Hanta river, where it flourishes.
Dr. Samia, She is a scientist, She is from Australia. She says no need to panic. It is only feared to happen to people who eat mice and the number of deaths is 38. None of her medicines were manufactured.

Here are the Hantavirus symtoms…

  • Cough comes.
  • It pains with the files.
  • There are problems with breathing.

You’ve been to where the mice urinated or where they live. There is a high risk of outbreaks. Where rats have spread dirty waste. And if you come from there, you should definitely go to the doctor to get your doctor checked up immediately.
There is no cure for it. It is more dangerous than Coronavirus. It has more care than Coronavirus.
Swedish Scientist also says that if you eat mice. So you are at risk of getting the Hantavirus.

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