Who is Narendra Modi complete history

history about Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi childhood was very simple, but he had a lot of passion for his country and he achieved great success on the brink of hard work.
So successful that no one could even think about it that he was born into a very poor family.
As a kid, when he wasted his time playing with children, Narendra Modi spent his father’s business in his shop.
And he used to go to the train boxes and give tea to people.
If a man loves his country, then what does man do for him? This is what Narendra Modi did.

Let’s start from Begining of
Narendra Modi life.

Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 in the village of Vadnagar, a district in the Bombay state.
Bombay state was the first Indian state.
On May 1,1960 Bombay state was split and Maharashtra.

About Family..

Modi’s father’s name was Damodardas Mulchand Modi.
And his mother’s name was Heerabe Modi.
Modi maintains a close relationship with his mother Heerabe.
Modi family belonged to ModhGhanchi-Teli( oil presser community.

Modi when he was born, his family was very poor and lived in a small house.
Narendra Modi was the third of his parents’ six children,
Narendra Modi’s father runs a small tea shop at the railway station.
And along with his father, Narendra Modi used to lend his hand and go to the railway boxes and sell tea.

Narendra Modi Education…

Apart from running a tea shop,
Modi was very good at teaching and writing as well.
Narendra Modi completed his higher secondary education in Vadnagar in 1967, where a teacher described him as an average student. and a keen debater. with interest in theater.
Narendra Modi’s parents also said that Modi was very good at writing.
Narendra Modi was also very interested in sports. Narendra Modi completed his schooling at the Vadnagar.
Narendra Modi when eight years old Modi discovered the RSS ( Rashtriya Sawyamsevak Sangh).
1978 Modi received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political science from the school of Open learning at the University of Delhi.
Graduating with a third class.
Five years later, in 1983, He received a Master of Arts degree in political science from Gujrat University.

Personal Life
Married Narendra Modi…

Narendra Modi was married to Jashoda Chimanlal at the age of just 13 and will be married at the age of eighteen.

Who is Jashoda Chimanlal ?

Jashoda Chimanlal was born in 1952. She is an Indian teacher and wife of the Indian prime minister. She completed her education and career as a teacher.
Her mother died when she was two years old.

Modi Marriage was arranged by his parents when he was a child.
but they spent little time together.
Modi kept his marriage secret for most of his career.Narendra Modi and
Jashoda Chimanlal had an arranged marriage.

According to Financial Express…

Modi and his wife Jashoda have been happily together for some years and then separated.

Jashoda and Narendra spent some years living with.
And then Modi left the house. Modi thinks that unmarried people can be better off fighting against corruption.
An Unmarried person could fight against corruption more aggressively.
Without marriage, man does not have to worry about having children and children at home.
From childhood, Modi had filled his country with love coats.

Modi left Jashoda Chimanlal.

After three years, Modi made planed to go to Ahmedabad to work at his uncle canteen without Jashoda.
After Modi left, She continued with her professional life.
Jashoda Chimanlal lived with her brother Ashok and his wife in Unjha.

Modi’s performance for the country.
India china war.

In 1962 when there was a war between India and China, Modi used to take food and tea for him on a train full of young people at the railway station.

India Pakistan war

During the war between Pakistan and India in 1965, Narendra Modi served a lot of fighters.

He joined RSS in 1971 and started giving full time to RSS. He would get up at five o’clock in the morning and work late at night.

Narendra Modi Book.

At the same time,
Narendra Modi wrote a book called Sangharsh Ma Gujarat.
In this book, Modi mentions Gujarat, he graduated from Gujarat University in 1980 and, The RSS saw their work better and moved them to the Bajpatti.
And his success in bajpatti increased day by day and Modi’s hard work took hold.

Gujarat Assembly elections were held in 1995.

And after listening to Modi, Shankersingh Vaghela gave up resigned.
Then CM Keshubhai Patel of Gujarat was selected.
Modi has been entrusted with the responsibility of Delhi blocker kender minster.
Modi fulfilled that responsibility very well.

Modi selected Makhu Mantri

Modi launched his first work of Makhu Mantri on 7 October 2001
In 2001, Kishubhai Patel’s health started to decline, then in October 2001, India people handed over the command of Gujarat’s Makhu Mantri to Modi instead of keshubhai provincial.

Narendra Modi vs Ashwin Mehta.

Modi defeats Ashwin Mehta. Modi delivered electricity to the village and solved the water problem. And Asia’s largest solar power was released in Gujarat and became the CM of Gujarat.
Modi Best CM of Gujrat.

The Godhra train burning was an incident the occurred on the Morning of 27 February 2002.
In which 59 people died in a fire inside the Sabarmati express train near the Godhra Railway station.

According to High court.

There was no concrete evidence against Narendra Modi.
Gujrat longest-serving chief minister is Narendra Modi.
Seeing his performance, the people voted him in large numbers and he became the Prime Minister of India. Modi worked very hard, worked hours and slept only a few hours.

CAB( citizenship Amendment bill) bill passed under Modi government.

CAB bill has been approved from India.
After introducing the bill, India has said that the people of Assam will have a lot of problems with the removal of 2 million Muslims from India.
Assad Owais has also ripped copies and there is an emergency all over Assam. And curfew has been imposed in Assam’s capital, Guwahati.
Train traffic has been stopped throughout the state.
The uproar is such that Modi has to tweet that he has told the people to be quiet.
You shut down, you stop the commotion but people are not ready to listen. The army has been demanded.

And thousands of troops have been evacuated from Jammu Kashmir to Assam. In India, there are a large number of people who do not believe in God. For example, Javed Akhtar, who was a Muslim at first, later became Etheist.

New Demolition of Babri Masjid.

On December 6, 1992, a group of Hindus attacked the Babri Masjid.
This mosque was built by the Mughal king Zaheeruddin Babar in 527 Uttar Pradesh district of Ayodhya.
Babari was a Mosque in Ayodhya.

According to the mosques inscription.

it was built in 1528-29(935 AH) by General Mir Baqi.
The mosque was attacked and demolished by Hindu Karsevaks in 1992. The Mosque was located on a hill known as Ramkot.
According to Hindus.

Extremist Hindus claim that a mosque was built on Ram’s birthplace.

In 1859, the British rulers divided the mosque into two parts.
The inside was allotted to Muslims and the outside allotted to Hindus.

In 1949 there was a lot of riots when a statue of Ram was found inside the mosque. Due to which the doors of the mosque were closed to the Muslims.

In 1984, the Hindus started a movement to build a Ram temple in place of a mosque.

In 1986, the district judge opened the mosque’s doors and allowed Hindus to worship.

In 1991, the BJP government came to Uttar Pradesh.

In 1992, hundreds of Hindus martyred the mosque, and after the attack on the mosque, the Hindu-Muslim riots started again.

How has the Indian Economy fared under the Modi government?

On its fourth anniversary, the Narendra Modi government economic legacy appears to be under threat because of unfavorable global conditions and a sluggish Rural economy.
The Indian economy was still recovering from the Mini-crisis of 2013.
when the rupee had crashed after India twin deficits ballooned out of control

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