Why did China send its troops to India? India-China War

Why did China send its troops to India? India-China War

The main reason for the fighting in China and India is the CPEC. There was a Plan of the US to make military basses in Ladakh against China.

Currently, China and India are deploying troops inside cecum and Ladak. There is a fierce battle going on between the two countries (India&China). China has withdrawn 5,000 troops and brought in another 2,000 to 2,500 troops In response, India also deployed its troops in Ladakh. Therefore, there is a great danger of war in the future. First of all, let me tell you that the real situation has been created in fact, China had received an intelligence report that India wanted to attack Gilgit-Baltistan.

As many CPEC ministers as we have And that started to become our dam. Now that the Chinese company is working on it, So China should also provide security and Pakistan will also give security. The intelligence report that China has now received from Pakistan’s intelligence agencies If China does not go ahead and invade Indian territory India will harm CPEC by invading Gilgit-Baltistan and Ladakh.

Second, India is also trying to occupy Chinese territory China kidnapped. Indian soldiers without giving a statement and seized their weapons In addition, they penetrated about five kilometers inside the territory India has accused China of injuring seventy-two of its soldiers China did not claim there Why Modi is silent is because China gave such an aggressive answer At present, India’s defense budget is 71 billion dollars and China’s defense budget is 272 billion dollars.

Now, if China has reached there with troops, it will have the advantage that it will not reach Gilgit and Baltistan. Now if the Indians will harm CPEC so let’s get in here we can go up to five kilometers or even fifty and one hundred kilometers. Once China invades, it will die but not leave its territory. In 1962 the territories that China had seized from India have not returned until today.

India knows that the US State Department report and the Pentagon report can prove that the US cannot compete with China so India is nothing beyond that. The great friendship between China and Pakistan China helps Pakistan in every possible way. It also exports weapons to Pakistan in case of war. China is the world’s largest economy he can buy anyone for his economy India’s situation with China is a huge threat to India.

 India’s biggest plane was Kashmir and Ladakh which was destroyed by the intelligence agency and China together.

The United States made an offer to the Afghan Taliban…

The US asked the Afghan Taliban to give us Bakran Airbase and 4,000 US troops will stay here And the United States has told the Afghan Taliban to give them billions of dollars Build a building in Afghanistan, whatever they want, no one will investigate them. This is the solution to the war that has been going on in Afghanistan for so many years. One wonders why all of a sudden.

Why America is so compassionate?

America is so compassionate because China is now in full contact with Afghan also with Russia and Iran he has told China about all this development. In fact, the United States wants to keep an eye on CPEC. The United States has made this whole plan against China and the plan was that  After the withdrawal from Afghanistan, US troops will not stay here, Instead, US military bases will be set up in Kashmir and Ladakh and the bases of Israel will also be established build four military bases The United States will have the advantage of having an alternate there and Israel will have the advantage of having the opportunity to stop Pakistan for the first time And India will have the advantage of being able to occupy Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan after becoming a US military base and an Israeli military base.

If it occupies Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan will not be able to do anything about it because there are Israeli and US military bases stationed there. And also China will not do anything because the US military is stationed on the Ladakh side. This will make it much easier to occupy India Military bases will greatly benefit the United States, Israel, and India. This whole plan that the United States has made for China and Pakistan. There is speculation in the Indian media that China has moved two kilometers in fear the Indian media is spreading false news. Nothing like that has happened. China has not gone anywhere.
What does China want?

China wanted to connect the Lake border through the LIC and the LOC.

In fact, when Pakistan liberated India from Kashmir In the time of Quaid-e-Azam. It was built by the United Nations in 1949. China wanted to remove it and merge LIC and LOC completely through the Karakoram Highway. Now all of a sudden there is talk in Pakistan that we built Gwadar Airport Asim Bajwa has already come at the request of the state.

 They wanted someone from the military in Pakistan who came to manage it Because, at that time Israel, India and America were making second plans. The code in the Chinese media is that you will see everywhere that Tibet is the palm of our left hand Israel’s defense system is far ahead of the United States. The situation now is that the United States is declining and Israel emerged He wanted to build military bases everywhere with the help of the United States At one time, the United States established bases in every country now Israel wants this.

China has done a great job by deploying its troops in India And China, together with Pakistan, destroyed America’s huge gameplan It is not over now, it has ended with a limited scale battle Because the Afghan Taliban inside Afghanistan will not accept this and America will play a game there and kept China away from Afghan Taliban In the days to come, God willing, Pakistan has to be prosperous China has a big role to play in this game and which Taliban also jumped into this game.

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